Lone Wolf


Growing up in the 70s and 80s was fantastic if you loved action movies. We probably all have a view on who is the ultimate action hero. That’s a classic debate. So who is it? Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Bond, Bruce Lee…or the all time legend and hero, Chuck Norris?

Hollywood loves the all-capable, self-sufficient, 'no need of a crutch' action hero. You know the type. He has all the brains, all the wit, all the looks, all the strength and all the women. He knows all the moves and 15 styles of kung fu. On a good day he saves the world and on a bad day he just saves Cardiff.

Perhaps however, life is more than that? Perhaps we were meant to live in teams, communities and families? OK, solo adventures are awe inspiring and the heroics of men and women like Ranulph Fiennes and Ellen Macarthur are simply breathtaking. However, even a solo achiever like a marathon runner knows the value of pinning their name to their top so that the crowd can cheer them on the way.

In years gone by we lived more in teams. An obvious example is the family. In days gone by a father and son would get up together as the sun rose and go to work in the fields. The son would learn from his father and talk shoulder to shoulder, learning more about the world and about life, as much as about the job. Perhaps with the way the world has changed we are losing something?