Risk & Adventure


There is no doubt about it that for some people putting themselves in a position of being scared senseless can be hugely addictive! But why is that? What pushes people to pursue the extreme and live a life that is radically on the edge?

Of course some people take it to a whole different level. What about those first astronauts sent into space in rockets with as much computing power as a tamagotchi! Or those first climbers of Everest who had little or no idea where the crevasses or sheer cliff faces were or about oxygen deprivation.

For most of us, being a lunar explorer or a high altitude mountaineer is more than 100 steps too far! But is there something within all of us that wants to walk just a little bit on the wild side every so often? After all, modern life can be incredibly controlling and risk-averse, can’t it?

We drive between lines, at restricted speeds, following countless signs giving orders. We keep regular hours, watch what we eat and wash our hands with antibacterial soap! Perhaps it’s all got a bit too much? Or maybe you think that a risk-averse life is a sensible life, and that there is nothing wrong with routine and order?

Whatever your view, there is no doubt that many people seek adventure and crave experiences within everyday living that are much more than ordinary.

Of course there is a downside as well. Playing with fire tends to lead to getting burned, badly if we aren’t careful! Many cliff faces have tributes to fallen climbers at their base. But it’s not just extreme sports that can go wrong. The pursuit of the thrill can destroy men who get into gambling, drinking, chasing a deal or a conquest! That’s about the law of diminishing returns. The more you try, the more you want. And what once satisfied you now leaves you feeling untouched. So there needs to be some balance and the pursuit of the right adventure.