Work? What’s it all about? From the earliest age we go to school, we do exams, then we get a job (or at least attempt to). But why? Some people have what we might call a vocation. They feel an urgent desire to do something with their lives and it becomes the driving force of their life. A teacher might be like this or a medic or a crusader for the environment, etc.

But what about the rest of us? What motivates us and why do we work so hard? Why are we often so fascinated by ‘what people do for a living?” Why are some people obsessed with their job at the expense of all other areas of life but some others just can’t stand the idea of going to work! So what’s it all about?

Life is busy of course, we are always in contact and hardly ever have a chance to withdraw from the front-line. Working patterns have changed too, as has the way careers develop. We can no longer be sure of a job for life, and many people will change career several times before they draw their pension.

Another significant issue is redundancy and unemployment. Blokes get really depressed if they find themselves out of work, and often wonder what our purpose and value is. But is that because we have invested too much emotional energy in one direction? Or is it because we were designed and made to be working beings?

So is there meaning in work no matter what you do? Is there a deeper significance to seeing a job well done, whatever your profession? More than that, of course, the fateful day will come when we retire! What happens if all of our efforts and energy have been invested into work and not life in general?