Messy Moments



What do you think parties are for? Perhaps they're to celebrate something special — a birthday or an anniversary. To mark a sad time like a funeral or someone leaving, to say thank you to someone for doing something remarkable, or just to get together with friends or family and enjoy the fun of being together. Parties mean food and nice things to drink, dancing, games, interesting conversations and meeting people.

When Jesus was little, his family and village had party after party — they would all stop work and have special meals or go on special holidays for religious festivals all year round. And when he grew up, some people thought he couldn't be a good man because he spent so much time partying with people — and those people had some very bad habits. But it didn't stop him! Jesus loved partying with people, just as he did when he was little. And he talked about heaven being like a party too.

Perhaps a party is a really good way of saying thank you when something brilliant has happened! Messy Church is a bit like a party every month to say thank you to God for what he's done and what he's still doing in our lives. So perhaps when we come to be messy with each other and with Jesus, we're specially close to a God who likes partying too.