Messy Moments



Here's some choices for you: a big plate of chips, burgers, onion rings and pizza or a big plate of cucumber, lettuce, carrot sticks and celery? Slobbing on the sofa with a laptop or jogging round the block? Bedtime at 2am or a good eight hours sleep? Creepy scary DVDs or DVDs that make you go 'wow!'?

TV soaps and story books are full of people who live really unhealthy lives, and we can watch programme after programme about hospitals where people are very ill. There are cooking shows in which celebrity chefs try to make us eat healthily, or sports shows where superheroes show us how fantastically fit they are. The newspapers try to scare us by telling us all how fat we are or what terrible disease we're all going to get if we eat certain things. And we all know that we need to be careful about what we watch on the internet or on films for our minds and souls. What is being healthy all about?

Your body is an amazing thing! Your brain is an astounding thing! Your soul is incredibly precious! One person in the Bible said to God, 'I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made!' We've all been made, each to be an unbelievably complicated and wonderful person, body mind and soul and there's no-one exactly like you or me in the whole world or in all of history: how fantastic is that? How do you look after the work of art that you are?