Messy Moments



Home, home on the range... and they all lived together in a little crooked house... I feel so broke up, I wanna go home... Homeward bound, I wish I was... I bet you can think of loads of songs about home! (But please don't sing them now.)

Home is a really important place and being homeless is one of the saddest things to be. That's not to say that any home is perfect! At least, I can't think of a perfect home with a perfect family where nothing ever goes wrong and no-one ever feels unhappy, can you?

Hobbit holes, igloos, tents, fairytale castles, flats, cottages, caves, bungalows, treehouses, dens and one-up-one-down semis — homes can be all shapes and sizes.

Sometimes we might feel like running away from home. Sometimes we are homesick and desperate to come home. We might love watching tv programmes about home improvements or moving house or about people who live in interesting houses. And the area around our home is also part of our home: our community, our neighbourhood — I wonder how many neighbours we have? How far does our neighbourhood go? Does it ever stop? Someone asked Jesus once, "Who is my neighbour?"

So let's think about our homes and families, the places we live and the people who live there. And we'll see who can sing the most songs about home when we've finished our Table Talk questions!