Messy Moments



Imagine travelling across a desert, all dry and bleak, where you're in danger of being attacked by man-eating wombats or packs of bloodthirsty bandits. There's nothing to eat or drink! And there's nowhere to shelter from the boiling heat and the freezing cold. What would it be like to come across an oasis in your desert? A cheerful group of tents around a waterhole, with shady trees and a nice campfire and people who were delighted to see you and treated you like an honoured guest, giving a feast to celebrate your arrival with loads of delicious food until you can't eat another thing! What difference would that make to you?

For some people, going through life is a bit like walking across a bleak desert — finding hospitality isn't just a luxury for them, it's a matter of life and death. If there's one thing we know in Messy Churches, it's how much we enjoy hospitality. We love welcoming each other and feeling welcomed, eating and drinking together, inviting everyone to join in with the fun and to feel at home in church and with each other.

Can ordinary families like us make oasises wherever we are, at home, at school, at work? Can we make safe places, full of the good things in life so that our community turns into an oasis for everyone, young and old, who passes through it? Somewhere safe even from bandits!