Messy Moments



Playtime! Love it or hate it, at least some of us get playtime every day. Imagine a huge playground filled with people of all ages just having fun — not hurting anyone, just enjoying playing games on their own and with each other. They might be playing tennis or X-box games. They might be playing imaginary zoo games or football. They might be dancing or playing music or having a party. They could be playing on a DS or a Wii, playing a part in a play, playing Monopoly or just having a laugh. Playing comes in all shapes and sizes.

But perhaps some people don't make time to play anymore. Maybe they can't see the point. And they're right: there is no point in play — that's the whole point — play is just for fun! That's all it's for — not to make money or impress someone else with how good at it we are, or to beat everyone else: it's pure and simple pleasure and what God made us for right at the beginning before it all went wrong. Look around your table: I bet you can see some people here who are really good at playing and having fun! Perhaps the rest of us can learn something from them about what Jesus meant when he said, "I've come so that you can have life, life in all its fullness."