Table Talk for Blokes is the game for guys to talk about the things that matter to them. Covering the six topics of: Lone Wolf, Fitness, Character, Work, World-changer, Risk & Adventure.

Table Talk is a conversational game that helps you discuss challenging topics, create honest and safe communities, laugh with friends, encourage and support other people. Each of the six themes has 16 question cards in it, you can preview some of these questions below.


Lone Wolf

Hollywood loves the all-capable, self-sufficient, 'no need of a crutch' action hero. You know the type. He has all the brains, all the wit, all the looks, all the strength and all the women. He knows all the moves and 15 styles of kung fu. Perhaps, however, life is more than that? Perhaps we were meant to live in teams, communities and families?

Total Fitness

On 3rd January 2009 a bloke called Zafar Gill, took a deep breath, braced himself and tried to lift up his head. A few seconds later he had broken a world record by lifting a staggering 73kg with his right ear. Fitness however is more than press-ups and ear lobe lifting! What about general health, emotional fitness? Blokes do tend to struggle to go to the doctor, preferring it to get pretty bad before they go for help. Why is that?


As a young boy Carl had two role models. The first was Douglas Bader, a famous WWII fighter ace, who, despite losing his legs before the war went on to lead squadrons of Spitfires and Hurricanes into battle. The other role model was his Dad. As Carl got older he started to meet other men that he could look up to and they all had something in common — they were comfortable in their own skin.


Work, what’s it all about? From the earliest age we go to school, we do exams, then we get a job (or at least attempt to). But why? Some people have what we might call a vocation. But what about the rest of us? What motivates us and why do we work so hard? Why are we often so fascinated by what people do for a living? Is there meaning in work no matter what you do? Is there a deeper significance to seeing a job well done, whatever your profession?

World Changers

Some people have made contributions to the world that have changed the course of human history. We could talk about Gandhi who took down the British Raj through non-violent protest. A tiny man with a huge heart and bucket loads of courage. And what about Martin Luther King? If it wasn’t for his determination we might not have had Obama as president of the United States. Perhaps you don’t feel like you can make a difference? Just remember that most people who have used their lives to make a positive difference didn’t think that they could when they started off — they just had a go.

Risk & Adventure

There is no doubt about it that for some people putting themselves in a position of being scared senseless can be hugely addictive! But why is that? What pushes people to pursue the extreme and live a life that is radically on the edge? Is there something within all of us that wants to walk just a little bit on the wild side every so often? After all, modern life can be incredibly controlling and risk-averse.