Table Talk for Women is the game for women to talk about the things that matter to them. Covering the six topics of: Girls' Night In, Superwoman, Selfies, Relationships, Well-being, Tough Nuts.

Table Talk is a conversational game that helps you discuss challenging topics, create honest and safe communities, laugh with friends, encourage and support other people. Each of the six themes has 16 question cards in it, you can preview some of these questions below.


Girls' Night In

As the song goes: “Girls just want to have fun”! For many women there’s nothing better than to have a chinwag, a giggle and to step out of the hustle and bustle of life for a moment. With staying in being the new going out, this section provides an opportunity to find out a little more about ourselves and some of the trivia that makes us smile.


Life can be crazy! In just one day many women find themselves juggling the roles of taxi driver, agony aunt, employer, chef, and, when it calls for it, national peace-keeper! That doesn’t even include anything to do with finance management, event planning and the weekly grocery shop! In this set of question cards we explore what it means to develop a balanced life, how to prioritise, and how to work, rest and play.


In a world where we are surrounded by glossy magazines full of airbrushing, supermodels and shop mannequins that are size zeros, advertisements telling us we can look like we’ve just stepped out of the salon and the numerous other pressures from society to be Little Miss Perfect, how do we as women ensure we don't get lost in conformity and instead remain true to who we are? With this set of questions we explore what it is that defines us: the good, the bad and…the other.


As adults, how easy is it to maintain good friendships and meaningful, positive relationships? Psychologists tell us that as members of the human race, we have a need to feel closely connected to others; it is part of human behaviour to desire caring and affectionate bonds from close relationships. What we don’t get is a manual to go alongside every relationship in which we are involved. These questions explore some of the complexities that make up our relationships.


It seems not a week goes by without some new research coming to light telling us the benefits of drinking red wine — followed only by a warning. If we listened to every piece of advice we receive we would probably be too scared to leave the sofa! So, what does it mean to take care of our mind, body and soul? In this section we get to dabble a little in all things healthy; to explore what makes us feel good on the inside as well as the outside.

Tough Nuts To Crack

There’s a big wide world out there, and it’s full of big questions. Whether it’s how we eradicate poverty, how we deal with the issues surrounding religious extremism or what we as individuals do when we are faced with the everyday dilemmas of life. Questions like these are not always easy to answer. Some have obvious answers. Some will be a matter of opinion, and others will have stretched some of the world’s greatest thinkers for centuries.