Table Talk for Families offers a fun way to get your family talking, laughing and spending quality time together. Talking is really important for families — it helps to develop communication skills and offers space for everyone to think about and express their thoughts and feelings.

Talking is important for everyone, but it’s particularly crucial to the mental and emotional health and development of children and young people. When we talk as families it can strengthen our relationships so we can all feel loved and accepted.



In addition to the question cards, you can make a chatterbox and have some fun together! We have four templates for you to make your own chatterbox, to have fun and get talking together.



Two of the most important ingredients of talking together is availability and finding things to talk about. You and your family can’t talk to each other if you’re never around at the same time or are spending too much time on screens. It is also easy to ask questions that family members don’t want to, or can’t, answer.


You can use the cards however and whenever you like. You can pick the cards at random or pick a specific topic to talk about. You could use them at home, in the car, on holiday, at meals times or at family gatherings. You could create a specific time to sit down together, or have them to hand for a car journey. You could have a question of the week that you discuss at meals times or stick the emoji card on the fridge as way to ask how people are doing every day. There are 21 thought provoking topics to explore that you can revisit more than once so you don’t have to think up questions – but you could most definitely ask additional questions that come in to your mind as you start discussing the topics. If you wanted to you could create your own questions and invite family members to add to the pack. However you use them is up to you but you will most likely find that because the card is asking the question family members will open up much more.