Messy Moments

Table Talk for Messy Moments is a fun all-age game created in partnership with Messy Church. It's designed to be used during a Messy Church setting, but it's not limited to that!

Table Talk is a conversational game that helps you discuss challenging topics, create honest and safe communities, laugh with friends, encourage and support other people. Each of the six themes has 16 question cards in it, you can preview some of these questions below.



Imagine travelling across a desert, all dry and bleak, where you're in danger of being attacked by man-eating wombats or packs of bloodthirsty bandits. There's nothing to eat or drink, and there's nowhere to shelter from the boiling heat and the freezing cold. What would it be like to come across an oasis in your desert? A cheerful group of tents around a waterhole, with shady trees and a nice campfire. What difference would that make to you?


From the vantage point of old age you can look back on a great many memorable moments. Age also changes what you value in life. Things you considered important when you were young can seem irrelevant now. With this set of questions, players can talk about what they find is really worth celebrating in life.


Home is a really important place and being homeless is one of the saddest things to be. That's not to say that any home is perfect! At least, I can't think of a perfect home with a perfect family where nothing ever goes wrong and no-one ever feels unhappy, can you? And the area around our home is also part of our home: our community, our neighbourhood. I wonder how many neighbours we have? How far does our neighbourhood go? Does it ever stop? Someone asked Jesus once, 'Who is my neighbour?'


What do you think parties are for? Perhaps they're to celebrate something special — a birthday or an anniversary, or even to mark a sad time like a funeral or someone leaving, to say thank you to someone for doing something remarkable, or just to get together with friends or family and enjoy the fun of being together. Perhaps a party is a really good way of saying thank you when something brilliant has happened!


TV soaps and story books are full of people who live really unhealthy lives. We can watch programme after programme about hospitals where people are very ill, cooking shows where celebrity chefs try to make us eat healthily, or about sport where superheroes show us how fantastically fit they are. The newspapers try to scare us by telling us all how fat we are or what terrible disease we're all going to get if we eat certain things. And we all know that we need to be careful about what we watch on the internet or on films for our minds and souls. What is being healthy all about?

Messy Meal

This set of questions is a bit different from the others. These question cards are for scattering on the tables during your Messy meal. They've been written to try to help families respond to the theme of any Messy Church session, or to talk about something more exciting than the price of cheese. If your Messy Church is anything like ours, three or four cards per table will be plenty — any more will be too much to cope with.